About Us

The Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (CEMD) is an independent, non-profit, organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, focused on promoting, developing and improving intercultural dialogue, human rights, education, regional and international cooperation. Croatia’s leading forum for debates, CEMD excels in in-house research on a wide range of policy areas, from justice and security, to foreign policy and international cooperation.

Working in the areas of regional and international cooperation, education, science and research, human rights, arts and culture, and democratic political culture, CEMD brings together experts in foreign affairs, government, academia and civil society to provide high-quality research and analysis, policy recommendations, partnership opportunities and new programs.

CEMD specializes in current affairs, helping to shape the conversation on important and controversial issues, as well as promoting transparency and accountability. As an independent organization, we are completely unbiased in our approach.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources, mainly from research projects and grants.